Accounting and Stock Control
   Electronic Point of Sale

  Marlin Software’s EPOS system is easy to learn and quick to use, saving time at the till and improving the customer experience, which will improve profits by return trade. The touch screen EPOS system provides numerous benefits in both Retail and the Hospitality sectors to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Managing Performance
You will be able to calculate how many transactions take place over
a set period to identify strengths and weaknesses.
You will also be able to see who dealt with each transaction in the system.
You can audit transactions to answer queries and prevent fraud.

Stock Control
You can quickly and easily track your stock, monitor usage and set
reorder lead times and quantities, using correct accounting procedures.
You can place orders, check deliveries and maximise efficiency by minimising the stock held.

 Features include
bullet Serving the customers quickly & efficiently with a record of the transaction in the system
bullet Store transactions to table or room accounts which can be recalled from the system at a later date
bullet Accept Cash, Credit, Debit or Cheque payments or even split payments
bullet Refund facility
bullet Void individual lines
bullet Store current transaction to a user for quick recall
bullet Promotion discounts
bullet Z Order, End of day takings
bullet Product search using the on-screen keyboard
bullet Automatic service charge facility
bullet Manager authorisation for Void, No Sale and Refund
bullet Separate locations for stock usage and prices
bullet Store customer details against the order
bullet Kitchen printing with cooking instructions and course separators

 Clear and easy to use touch screen display


 With simple EPOS button setup

 Producing clear well laid out receipts and cooking instructions